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Translation Services

Translation Services

Cosmolingua provides expert Translation Services in over 130 languages with unsurpassed quality standards and price…

In this era of liberalization and globalization, cross-cultural communication becomes mandatory. To fill this language barrier effectively, we Cosmolingua Edu Services Pvt. Ltd, have come up with the most accurate and cost-effective translation services. Quality being our forte, we thrive to offer unsurpassed quintessential multi-lingual translation services.

Our qualified team of translators has expertise and proficiency in their respective fields of languages and is endowed with excellent writing and editing skills as well as good analytical ability. With our advanced research capabilities and valuable language resources, we deliver precise, reliable, quick and transparent services. Besides, to keep the true essence of the text intact and ensure its credibility, we proof read the translated documents multiple times.

We extend our professional and certified translation services in moulding any commercial, medical, financial, legal, educational/academic or technical text or document to any language as per the customized needs of the clients.


Legal Translation:

We are recognized as the industry leader in lending professional Legal Translation Services in India for attorney-at-law, solicitors, corporate lawyers and officials and other legal professionals. All our translations are authorized and certified to be produced before courts across all Asian, European and American countries. Legal documents may include:

  • Legal Contracts/Agreements.
  • Judicial decisions, Summons and Pleadings.
  • Complaints
  • Articles of Corporation.
  • Policies and Procedures.
  • Regulatory Issues.
  • Glossaries and Guidelines.
  • Practices and Recommendations.
  • Adoption Papers.
  • Birth /Death Certificates.
  • Marriage Certificates/ Divorce Decrees.
  • Driver’s Licenses.
  • Immigration Papers.
  • Police Records.
  • Passports.
  • Real Estate Deeds, Leases.

Academic Translation

With our commitment in providing superior quality translation, we have designed a stylistically professional translation service. Our bunch of talented translators is professors, historians, and linguists who are well-versed in their respective languages. We translate the following:

  • Journal Articles.
  • Dissertations.
  • Research Papers.
  • Degrees/ Diplomas /Certificates/ Transcripts.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Translation:

With more and more advancements in the Scientific field, Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation have become a highly specialized discipline. With this growing demand, we have devised special Medical Translation Services that caters to our customers’ needs most effectively. Our medical translators include qualified doctors, biomedical engineers or people who have expert knowledge in this field. Medical Documents may include:

  • Diagnostics.
  • Medical Records of patients.
  • Medical Prescriptions.
  • Biostatistics.

Financial Translation:

Our services are designed to provide assistance in translating the technical documents like Office Manuals, Safety Manuals, and Instruction Manuals etc in all languages. Since our experts are well-versed with all the technical jargons, the translation is simple and readable with easy interpretation.

Automotive Translation:

We are marked among the top-notch providers of translation content to the automotive industry. Since the translation is technical, we focus on its precision and accuracy. You may avail the following services from us at unbeatable prices:

  • Automobile Manuals Translation.
  • Service Manuals Translation.
  • Catalog Translation.
  • Multi-lingual Product Packaging.

Technical Translation:

Our services are designed to provide assistance in translating the technical documents like Office Manuals, Safety Manuals, and Instruction Manuals etc in all languages. Since our experts are well-versed with all the technical jargons, the translation is simple and readable with easy interpretation.

Website Translation:

We, at Cosmolingua offer low-cost Website Translation Solutions. We are capable of providing ready-to-deploy multi-language sites and also work with all web files and database types. With the assistance of our technologically oriented professionals, we are there to make your tasks simpler and serve you. Our services include:

  • Website Localization.
  • Website Content Translation.
  • Translation of Newsletters/Newspapers/Articles
  • Database Translation.

IT Hardware, and Software Translation:

We help our clients in localizing their software, web applications as well as content by providing them precise and culturally adapted translations in their desired languages. All our solutions are based on a flexible yet systematic use of best quality practices and methods. Moreover, through our key tools and technologies, we are capable in producing and measuring a consistent level of service for our reputed customer base.


Guaranteed INS and Academic acceptance: We, at Cosmolingua, translate and certify documents which are to be presented to official authorities (including INS) for legal purposes. Documents are also legalized as well as notarized. Setting benchmarks of quality, we guarantee our customers 100 % accuracy. Reckoned as one of the most credible Translation Services in New Delhi, we use a number of techniques to reduce any chances of fraud. Owing to our expertise in this field since many years, our Certified Translations are accepted as valid in any government or academic organizations.

Our Experts: We owe a huge part of success to our team of experts comprising of qualified translators as well as legal specialists. Our highly competent translators are bi-lingual native speakers possessing good linguistic skills in their respective languages. Before delivering the finished documents to our clients, our documents undergo stringent quality assurance programs wherein they are thoroughly checked, verified and reviewed by lawyers and translators of a legal background.

Confidentiality and trust: Confidentiality and trust are our two core values that we abide by. Therefore, we take it as our personal responsibility to keep the translated documents confidential and secure.

Affordable price and fast services: Since complete customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal, we leave no stones unturned in offering value-driven services. We continuously strive to improve our services thereby enhancing our customers’ experience. Being one of the most prominent Translation Service Providers in India, we deliver prompt and timely services and that too at the most competitive price.

Games & Multimedia Translation: We provide an integrated range of web-based language translation and re-engineering services for the worldwide audience. We specialize in logo and image evaluation, adaptation or modification of graphical images, script translation, recording of voice-talent, multilingual dialog direction, audio/video synchronization etc. Additionally, with the use of sophisticated software and the expertise of our professionals, we can adapt, translate, integrate and produce the final products efficiently.

For any related service, email us at- info@cosmolingua.in or call us @ 9350263254, 9999910063, 9999921009.

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