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Corporate Language Training for busy professionals

Whether your company is looking to expand business through mergers and acquisitions, succeed in new market abroad, or improve communication within a global workforce, Cosmolingua consulting partners with your organization to achieve performance objectives and a return on investment.

What Are The Business Benefits Of Learning A Foreign Language

Return on investment: 

Enable ex-pat employees to negotiate, present and convert sales with a local client audience.


Personal and professional development: 

Continuing education options in the workplace not only shows employee appreciation but it’s also the most desired employee benefit.

Increase employee retention: 

Newly arrived employees who learn a local language are more likely to integrate with their colleagues at work and in social situations.

Expand into new markets: 

Multilingual employees can help establish and grow the business in new markets.

What We Offer In Our Corporate Training Program

Language Courses

Language course for all levels available face-to-face or  instructor-led online and can be taken full or part-time, or around your company schedule. 

Cross Cultural Training

Cultural training to identify behavioral styles that will increase an executive’s ability to effectively lead, manage, & communicate.

Business Etiquette

Besides language and intercultural training, we provide excellent opportunities for business building activities like presenting, negotiating etc.

Corporate Training for Companies and Educational Institutions

Unlock the potential of your organisation. Corporate language training with Cosmolingua boosts confidence, increases retention rates, and enables your staff to deliver more value to the business.

Why Should Your Employees Learn With Cosmolingua?


Cosmolingua has more than 15 years of experience providing language training solutions to companies all over the world.We provide specialist language and workplace skills to professionals from all industries


Face-to-face online training with expert native-language teachers. Employees practice speaking and get instant feedback on their performance.


Schedule classes to the exact needs of your people: private and group classes (exclusively for your employees); intensive ‘sprint’ schedules; learn weekends and evenings.

Cosmolingua Delivers An Expansive Portfolio Of Programs Designed To Help Develop A Global Workforce And Leadership.

Online & Offline Classes

Corporate Language Training for all levels available face-to-face or instructor-led online

Tailor-made Approach:

Language Assessment & Testing in all languages, delivered in any time zone

One Stop Solution: 

Translation, Localization and Interpretation in all languages with accurate and reliable results

Global Success: 

Repatriation to leverage global knowledge and skills when transitioning back to the home office

Legendary Support

We’re just a call away. Have query? Call us or mail us. We’ll get in touch immediately.

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