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Interpretation Services

Interpretation Services

Cosmolingua has a highly experienced team of interpreters who provide exact, perceptive and discreet interpretation services…

Today’s multi-cultural society has triggered the need to communicate effectively with different people in different languages and from different cultural backgrounds. Our professional interpretation services, is a sure-fire way to enhance understanding and foster better relationships. Our interpretation services are offered globally practically in any language and for all industry types including medical and health care, insurance, legal, automotive, agricultural, real estate, educational, telecommunications, IT & software etc.

Telephone Interpreting Services

With our commitment to multi-lingual communication, we have carved a niche in this field as one of the most prominent providers of over-the-phone interpretation services. Our quick and convenient over-the-phone interpretation services helps in bridging the language gap by enabling you to communicate clearly with your customers in more than 150 languages within seconds. From corporate to government to medical purposes, there are a number of technologies by which we can help you in implementing this service into your organization effectively like dual handed telephones, conferencing facilities, and speaker phones etc. With our redundant technologies, we ensure non-stop business continuity for our clients.

The interpreters hired by us possess fluent native language skills and can interact well. Moreover, they are also required to demonstrate excellent customer service skills and cognitive memory skills. Besides, we also undergo a comprehensive background check before hiring our linguists. They are also monitored and evaluated on their performance on a routine basis.

Easy To Deploy

Our services eliminate the language barriers by facilitating communication in a thousand locations with just the touch of a button. You can count on our services for the most accurate, reliable, objective and confidential interpretation available in the marketplace. Our system enforces highest standards of information security so as to deal with the most sensitive information.

Consecutive Interpreting

In this type of interpreting, the interpreter carefully listens to a section of speech of the speaker in the source language and then either summarizes it or relays its gist in the target language of the audience. This kind of interpreting is useful for one-to-one meetings and small groups. Our consecutive interpreters are ideal for situations like medical appointments, confidential hearings etc.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Widely used in multi-national conferences, tele/video conferences, and diplomatic functions, the Simultaneous Interpretation attempts to relay the meaning in real time. The SI, sitting in a sound-proof booth, listens to the speaker and renders the message in the target-language as quickly as he/she can formulate it from the source language, while the source-language speaker continuously speaks.

  • Good co-ordination between user-client and service provider.
  • Identifying the domain; for example, whether it is business and industry, health care, law or public sector agency.
  • Identifying the type, goal, time and duration of events. For example, whether it is an international conference, live broadcast, classroom instruction or presentation etc.
  • Availability of essential equipments such as wireless, microphones, and ear plugs etc for the interpretation to be clear and effective.
  • Availability of related documentation prior to the conference.
  • Absence of ambient noise or interference that might obstruct the process of smooth communication

PhaEscort Interpreting

This type of interpretation is particularly useful in typical situations like sporting events, visiting delegations, overseas travel, foreign client dinners and city tours. If you are traveling abroad and are looking for an interpreter to accompany you, who is familiar with the language and culture of that particular country, then look no further!

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