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Hindi Language Program

About the Language:

Declared as the National Language of India and the regional language of six states, Hindi is spoken by around 435 million people around the world including northern and central India, Pakistan, Fiji and Mauritius. It is written in Devangiri script and has many dialects including Brajbhasha, Bundeli, Awadhi, Marwari, Maithili and Bhojpuri.

Why Learn Hindi?

It is the language of poetry, wisdom, mystery, philosophy and song. Its speakers today view it as one of the most beautiful and emotionally expressive languages one can learn, enabling them to communicate just as forcefully in poetry as in commerce. In science, business, commerce, information systems, India’s growth as a viable world economy has spurred investor interest in the region. Corporations looking to expand their operations and sales to the South Asian region will be recruiting people who are familiar with Hindi and the Indian culture to market their products to a Hindi-speaking population. Regardless of the career path you follow, you will always be able to find a use for you Hindi language skills.

We Offer All Types of Hindi Language Courses!

General Course

General Hindi language course is for adults who want to sharpen their speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities in Hindi .

For Juniors

Junior Hindi language course is for kids, ages 8 to 12 and teenagers ages 13 to 18 who want to learn Hindi language.

Corporate & Businesse

One-to-one Hindi lessons are for corporate & businesses who want to get skilled in Hindi language quickly.

For Professionals

This course is for professionals who want to study Hindi in a specific area, such as nursing, law, aviation, and hospitality etc.

Test Preparation

This course is for students who want to prepare for Hindi proficiency tests to improve job prospects or gain admission into a university.

Teacher Training

Teacher Training in Hindi language program is for those who want to make their career in teaching line. Learn and get trained to teach Hindi language.

University Program

This program is for students who want to graduate in Hindi Language. All bachelor, master, & doctoral programs are available in this segment.

Specialty Program

Specialty Hindi course is for those who want to learn Hindi and participate in activities, such as travel, sports, arts, food, culture, and more.

At the end of the BASIC LEVEL, foreign students/participants will be able to comprehend and use the language produced in predictable and controlled social and learning environments aimed at satisfying concrete needs. They will be able to describe experiences and events, give reasons and explanations for plans.

At the end of INTERMEDIATE LEVEL, students/participants are able to interact with a certain degree of fluency, explain a viewpoint on a topical issue, write an essay or report, understand extended speech and lectures and present detailed descriptions.

At the end of the HIGH INTERMEDIATE LEVEL, students/participants should be able to interact with the native speakers, express ideas with linguistic accuracy in appropriate contexts, write about complex subject matters and understand the long and complex literary texts.

At the end of the ADVANCE LEVEL, students/participants should be able to understand and produce the language to satisfy the demands of academic and professional environments. They will have excellent command of idiomatic expressions so as to communicate spontaneously, fluently and with a high degree of precision.


FEES Rs 10000
PERIOD 12 Weeks

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