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Language Training Service

Language Training Service

Training in Foreign Languages :

At Cosmolingua, languages are taught by qualified trainers through a practical, proven and communicative teaching methodology…

Our aim is to enhance your communication in any language for business, travel, research, personal development and fostering successful relationship. We are dedicated in providing our responsive services and sharing our language expertise for the complete realization of the inter-cultural communication goals.

Through our language training services, we aim to

  • To develop familiarity with the linguistic and cultural facets of different countries and communities through studying the CEFR’s (Common European Framework of Reference) four key skills: written and oral comprehension, written and oral production and interaction.
  • Provide training facilities in those areas where special skills are required for efficient performance of the job.
    Experiment with innovative teaching techniques and analyze the results in a continuing effort to improve teaching standards.
  • To serve society by staying in the forefront of education and disseminating the institute’s model of education and service in other places.
  • Availability of related documentation prior to the conference.
    Absence of ambient noise or interference that might obstruct the process of smooth communication


  • We are the only institute in New Delhi that organizes courses in more than 130 foreign languages for companies as well as for targeted professionals.
  • Provide training facilities in those areas where special skills are required for efficient performance of the job.
  • We provide a learning process where all the students can reach superior communication skills in any foreign language, covering the numerous complex aspects of communication in everyday life as well as the corporate world.
  • We have qualified and motivated language trainers, possessing native proficiency and also many years of experience in teaching foreign languages.
  • Our language training programs strongly focus on communication, including ideas and indications from other teaching approaches. Through this method, the learner develops all the four basic language skills i.e. listening, reading, speaking, and writing.
  • Our language trainers integrate the training content as per the needs of the learners, while maintaining a constant and direct contact with the learner. This flexibility and adaptability are the main features of our training method and also towards your successful training investment!
  • The classes are conducted in relaxed and pleasant atmosphere which gives learners the time for enhancing their motivation. Various additional activities like watching movies, guided visits, etc refresh the learners and have a positive impact on them.
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