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Franchise for English

Language education is a big business worldwide and in India. In every nook and corner across India, there are numerous English language institutes but disappointingly they are mostly sub-standard and lacking in basic quality, content and faculty. There is a dire need to supplement our conventional education with English and communication skills, the lack of which makes a large section of our educated youth unemployable.

WKeeping this in mind, ‘Cosmolingua Institute of Foreign Languages’ is planning to set up a Franchise for Rural Areas that will reach out to a large segment of the rural population in India by imparting English & Computer Language classes. With the aid of physical classrooms and internet-based learning systems which operates with the mission “to make languages accessible”. This Education Franchise business model is open for young entrepreneurs.

Computer-Based English Training Programme is a unique programme launched by Cosmolingua as a socially relevant enterprise which is more than just a business. This course is for children, adults from rural background who wish to extend the benefits of English language learning in their community. This programme will help them acquire better English and Communication skills through classroom study, exercises, projects and extensive reading and interaction.

For Franchise-related information, email us on info@cosmolingua.in

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